Community Corrections Partnership

Sacramento County CCP - Public Safety Realignment

Membership Requirements

CCP Membership:

  • California Penal Code 1230 specifies requirements for CCP membership.
  • Newly appointed members will participate in the CCP's Full Committee (see Bylaws).
  • There is no term limit for this member position.

CCP Advisory Workgroup Membership:

  • The CCP Advisory Workgroup will replace the Statistical Working Group.
  • The updated CCP Advisory Workgroup will include local agency stakeholders and community representatives.
      • Preference will be given to members from the community with the lived experience of being formerly incarcerated.
  • The CCP Advisory Workgroup is tasked with conducting analysis and making recommendations to the CCP regarding additional AB 109 Plan updates that:
      • Incorporate further findings and input from local agency and community stakeholders, including formerly incarcerated individuals.
      • Align the AB 109 Plan format and content with the new BSCC recommendations.
      • Ensure County Board of Supervisors approval of the updated AB 109 Plan during the next fiscal year budget process.