Jail Diversion Treatment and Resource Center

​The Board of Supervisors recently authorized the Probation Department to accept funding from the California Health Facility Financing Authority Community Services Infrastructure (CHFFA CSI) Grant Program for the purpose of creating a Jail Diversion Treatment and Resource Center (JDTRC) from a grant totaling $1,690,542.

The County is using the grant funds to renovate 5,591 square feet of the first floor of 711 G Street, which is in close proximity to the Main Jail and the Sacramento Superior Court.

This project will create a comprehensive County jail diversion and resource center for Mental Health Diversion Court participants 18 years and older who are living with mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use disorder, and/or suffering from trauma.  Most importantly, the project will divert individuals from jails and prisons and provide mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, and trauma centered services.

The JDTRC will provide easily accessible, community-based, individualized support services and linkages for adult individuals in a one-stop location.  Participants, including those recently released from custody, will be able to receive a myriad of services including:

  • Mental health evaluations and linkage to services
  • Onsite therapeutic classes
  • Referrals to community-based service providers
  • Contact with a probation officer
  • Onsite meetings with legal representation

The Probation Department, acting as the lead agency for the County, began working on the CHFFA CSI Grant application in March of 2019. CHFFA's Board selected Sacramento County to receive the grant in March of 2020. While the project's timeline was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay at home order, progress on the JDTRC project has continued. 

The JDTRC is anticipated to be open to the public in January 2022.

Please check this page regularly for announcements and to access documentation regarding the JDTRC.


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Public Documents​​

County Partners

Department of Health Services, Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services Mental Health counselors provide therapeutic trauma-informed, evidence-based groups at the JDTRC as well as screenings and assessments for medication management, crisis intervention, rehabilitation, peer support services, group counseling, and brief targeted therapy

Department of Human Assistance​

Department of Human Assistance staff determine client eligibility for government assistance programs, enroll eligible clients in Medi-Cal and CalFresh Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (previously known as food stamps), and provide referral services to other locations where their eligibility for cash assistance through the General Assistance Program will be determined.

Probation Department

Senior Deputy and Deputy Probation officers assigned to the County's collaborative treatment courts will provide client supervision, review conditions of probation, and perform Court Liaison duties.


Public Defender's O​ffice

The Public Defender provides Licensed Clinical Social Workers to perform case management and provide linkages to services for participants at the JDTRC. Two Public Defender attorneys assigned to the Misdemeanor Mental Health Diversion program will meet with clients and provide legal services at the JDTRC.

Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento

The Superior Court develops court policies and procedures for Misdemeanor Mental Health Diversion and provides participant oversight, court-related data, and evaluation reports.