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Reunification with family is one of the goals of rehabilitation; however, there are often cases where it is in the best interest of the minor to be placed in a group home or intensive therapeutic residential setting. The Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT), an evidence based risk and needs assessment instrument, is used to identify a youth’s treatment needs.                  

Placement Services

Level A Placement

Level A Placement focuses on placing minors in appropriate treatment facilities located within the State of California. 

Level B Placement

Level B Placement focuses on placing minors in treatment facilities located in states other than California.  In order for Wards to be placed out-of-state, it must be shown that this measure of intervention is in the minor’s best interest, staff with the Interagency Management and Authorization Committee (IMAC), and must be approved by the Court.  Accepted Level B facilities are currently located in Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, Utah and Arizona. 

Group Home Monitoring

In July, 2011, the Placement Division implemented a group home monitoring program. Because the state's Community Care Licensing only audits group homes every 5 years, Probation ensures minors are safe and living in environments conducive to change; therapeutic, academic, and recreational services, consistent with their case plans, are being provided; and their structure and supervision level is appropriate. The Placement Monitor uses this model and also reviews new programs seeking to receive referrals from Sacramento County Probation.  

AB 12 (Extended Foster Care)         

On September 30, 2010, the Governor signed AB 12 into law. With an implementation date of January 1, 2012, the Placement Division has been diligently working with County Child Protective Services, the Department of Human Assistance, Juvenile Court and the Public Defender to develop a process to implement extended foster care for those Non-minor Dependents (NMD) that would normally exit placement without any assistance, services or reunification with parents or legal guardians. The Placement Division currently has officers assigned to this program and the officers have been integral in planning discussions about the unique challenges of providing case management and supervision to this population.

Visit the California Department of Social Services  website for more information.

Resource Family Recruitment

Probation is recruiting Resource Families, formally referred to as foster families, for youth served by probation. A Resource Family provides a loving supportive home for a youth who is unable to return to their family home after completing congregate care treatment. The Resource Family and the youth in their care receive support from the Probation Resource Family Applicant Unit, the assigned probation officer, and a WRAP team. Additionally, the Resource Family receives a monthly stipend to assist with cost associated with caring for the youth. If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting a youth in reaching their full potential go to our website: