Victims of Adult Offenders

Probation will contact victims of adult offenders when officers are preparing a report to the Court with recommendations for the sentencing of a defendant.
The offender has either pled to the crime or has been convicted as part of a trial.

Probation will send you a packet of information requesting your statement as well as documents to return if you are seeking restitution. At any time, you can contact the Probation Officer identified on this notification letter if you have questions or need assistance.

Victim Statements

You will be asked to express your views in writing, by phone or in-person. Things to consider are:

  • Your feelings at the time the crime was committed
  • Any loss or harm suffered due to the crime
  • Any information concerning the defendant or his/her character
  • Your feelings as to an appropriate sentence

As a crime victim you have the right to appear, personally or by counsel, at sentencing and to express your views concerning the crime, the person responsible, and the need for restitution.

The District Attorney’s office can assist you with understanding sentencing recommendations or if you plan to appear in court.  They can be reached at (916) 874-6218 or

Victim Restitution

If you suffered a loss as part of a crime, you may be entitled to restitution for the value of stolen or damaged property, medical expenses, and lost wages or profits due to injury or time spent as a witness or assisting the police or prosecution.

In order to get restitution, you must complete and return the Claim Forms that are sent to you from the Probation department.  You will also need to provide copies of bills, receipts or estimates to substantiate your claim.

If you need assistance or have questions about the forms, contact the officer listed on your letter or call (916) 874-1500.

There is no guarantee that if restitution is orderd that collection will occur. The Probation Department along with the County Department of Revenue Recovery will attempt to collect on your behalf.

Retrieval of Property Taken as Evidence

Law enforcement agencies may be holding property to use as evidence in your case.  Probation does not coordinate the release of property once it is no longer needed.  Contact the District Attorney’s Office at (916) 874-6218 for information on how to have property released.​