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The Juvenile Field Probation Officers monitor juvenile offenders under the courts' jurisdiction. All youth who are placed on probation are given a risk and need assessment to determine the likelihood of reoffending as well as to identify service needs.  Youth are supervised utilizing innovative strategies to support positive change.

Home Supervision and Electronic Monitoring

A youth may be placed on either Electronic Monitoring or Home Supervision instead of being detained at the Youth Detention Facility.  Home detention options can be used while the minor is awaiting their court appearance for disposition (sentencing) or as part of the disposition and formal probation ordered by the court.

Officers monitor the youth's compliance with their conditions of release or probation including school attendance.

Several things are considered before a minor is accepted or rejected for Home Supervision or Electronic Monitoring, to include:

  • Community safety

  • Flight Risk

  • Willingness to obey contract program rules

Candidacy Assessment Unit

  • Youth and parents report to the Warren E. Thornton Youth Center immediately after Court or upon release from Youth Detention Facility to meet with a probation officer
  • Update the Positive Achievement Assessment Tool (PACT), complete the Imminent Risk assessment and develop a Case Plan
  • Referrals to counseling services, DNA collection and assignment to a probation officer

Youth Service Center

Serves Elinor L. Hickey Academy, North Area Community School, and Gerber Community School

  • Youth suspended or expelled from a comprehensive high school can enroll and attend a full day of school at a community school
  • Obtain counseling services, complete community service hours and possibly enroll in a trade program
  • Participate in pro-social activities through the Boys & Girls Club

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Education Based Supervision Model-(EBSM)

The Education Based Supervision Model integrates Deputy Probation Officers into school districts.  Officers provide case management services to youth on probation and provides support to the school and all students on campus.  Officers strive to increase average daily attendance and graduation rates, lower truancy, lower expulsion and suspension rates, decrease fights and incidents on campus, and improve student safety.

Title IV-E Waiver

Title IV-E waiver allows Federal funding to provide community based resources (FFT, MST, WRAP) for those youth identified with low to moderate risk and elevated needs with the goal of reducing out of home placements and keeping children and families together.  Deputy Probation Officers provide comprehensive case management services for these youth and their families working in collaboration with community based providers.

Specialized Supervision

Juvenile Justice Diversion and Treatment Program (JJDTP)

A full service partnership in collaboration with Behavioral Health and River Oak Center for Children, JJDTP provides mental health services to youth and families.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)

Deputy Probation Officers provide a comprehensive and collaborative response to ensure​ that commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC) are identified and receive the services they need to overcome trauma and live healthy, productive lives. 

Sex Offender/Arson

Deputy Probation Officers provide intensive supervision to ensure compliance with court orders and targeted treatment plans. 

Reducing African American Child Deaths (RAACD)

Deputy Probation Officers working in collaboration to implement a multi-faceted plan to reduce African American Death in the County of Sacramento. Through an MDT process, needs are identified and officers will provide supervision, support, and rehabilitative services to youth on juvenile probation. These services include parenting classes, child well-being, educational and vocational training. 

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