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  • Man Arrested After Sacramento Probation Officers Seize Large Amounts of Ammo and Drugs

    A 24-year-old Sacrament man is facing multiple felony charges after the Sacramento County Gang Suppression Unit and the Sacramento Police Department seized a gun and large amounts of ammunition and drugs.

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    The Sacramento Bee August 2, 2020

  • Dwayne Johnson Wants You to Know This Teacher, Nurse & More Heroes Who Kick Butt on Titan Games

    For Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, producing the second season of his hit NBC athletic-competition series The Titan Games became a way of paying tribute to the country’s real-life heroes.

    “I assembled an amazing group of people,” says the actor, 48, who also hosts the show.

    “Doctors, nurses, teachers, veterans, all who happen to be incredible athletes with extraordinary stories.”

    These four finalists are battling against professional athletes for $100,000 and the title of Titan.

    William Sutton

    “Hard work and determination are the cornerstones of what it means to be a Titan,” says Johnson of Sutton, 26, a Trenton, North Carolina, native and agricultural teacher and JV basketball coach at Croatan High School in Carteret County.

    “Will brings these values to the arena and to the classroom of his students. He is country strong and has everything it takes to be an educator, a leader, and a Titan."

    Shantal Athill

    Only the second female firefighter at her station in Orange, New Jersey, Athill, 29, was hit by a car in 2019 and recovered to get back to work.

    “It takes a tremendous amount of heart, sweat and discipline to serve as a firefighter, especially in one of the areas of our country hardest hit by this pandemic,” says Johnson. “Shantal has been on the front lines protecting her community, she has the mana of a Titan, and my admiration."

    Haley Johnson

    This 25-year-old challenger is a first lieutenant currently serving in the U.S Army stationed in Georgia. A first-generation college student she takes inspiration from her dad, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2019 and died a month before filming.

    “Haley is a fighter. She's got grit, gumption and worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today,” the host says. "Haley didn’t let her humble beginnings hold her back from earning her nursing degree on a scholarship from the Army. After losing her dad in 2019, she turned that sadness into inspiration to keep achieving, that’s Titan spirit."

    Exodus Rogers

    A deputy probation assistant for the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility,  Rogers, 33, was inspired by his mother, who “has fostered over 60 kids in need,” Johnson says.

    “Exodus has the heart and soul of a Titan, exhibited in his generosity of spirit. He displays the same optimism and kindness as his mom through his work with at-risk youth in his hometown of Sacramento. Exodus’ passion for helping others is both inspiring and exemplary."

  • SCOE Names YDF Culinary Arts Teacher, Carissa Jones, Teacher of the Year

    A Sacramento County teacher was named Sacramento County’s Office of Education Teacher of the Year on Thursday.

    Carissa Jones was recognized for helping students who are at a crossroads in their lives. She teaches cooking to students in juvenile hall.

  • Probation Assistant Exodus Rogers to Compete on NBCs Titan Games

    Probation Assistant Exodus Rogers to Compete on Titan Games

    This year, a Sacramento man will take on the obstacles. Exodus Rogers is proud to represent Oak Park on the national stage.

    Rogers shares his fierce love of fitness with youth. He works as a deputy probation assistant at the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility, where he helps minors in custody.

  • Probation Officers Assist In Arrest of Suspected Pimp At Sacramento Apartment Complex

    A suspected pimp is behind bars in Placer County as a result of a three-month human trafficking and pimping investigation by the Auburn Police Department.

    Auburn police say Ivy Jones was arrested at a Sacramento apartment complex on Friday on pimping and pandering charges.

    Investigators say the human trafficking and pimping operation began in October 2019. Two women were taken into custody during the investigation on prostitution and pimping charges.

    That arrest led investigators to Ivy Jones, the man they believe was the women’s pimp.

    Jones was arrested with the help of the Sacramento County Probation Department. He is being held at the Placer County Jail in Auburn on $265,000 bail

    CBS13 - January 31, 2020

  • 5 Guns, Over $20K in Drugs Found in Sacramento County Probation Sweep; 16 Arrested

    A probation sweep in Sacramento County on Wednesday uncovered over $20,000 in drugs, several firearms and resulted in 16 arrests, according to the Sacramento County Probation Department.

    The one-day sweep saw officers contact 67 people on probation in the county.

    Officers sais there was a total of 41 violations of probation during the sweep.

    A total of five pounds of marijuana was located. Over 500 grams of methamphetamine and 60 grams of heroin were seized — with a combined estimated street value of $20,500.

    Five guns with numerous rounds of ammunition and one taser were also found.

    CBS13- November 14, 2019

  • Two arrested after Sacramento County probation officers find guns, drugs, pipe bomb

    Two men were arrested Thursday after a series of Sacramento County Probation Department searches yielded a handful of guns, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs and a pipe bomb.

    In a news release, county officials said probation officers arrived at a home on Hackberry Lane to serve a search warrant to David Hansen, 48, who was on mandatory supervision from a previous drug possession conviction.

    Officers searched his vehicle and found two pounds of methamphetamine, a quarter of a pound of heroin and more than $3,900 in cash.

    He was arrested on suspicion of drug possession, felony firearm possession and violating the terms of his probation. He remains in custody at the Sacramento County jail, according to Sheriff’s Department records.

    Probation officers went on to search two other residences connected with Hansen. Searching a house in Auburn, officers seized six firearms, thousands of bullets, a bulletproof vest, a stolen trailer, heroin, a pipe bomb and $3,200 in cash.

    Officers also searched a home in the 5300 block of Manzanita Avenue in Carmichael, yielding large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin and a loaded 9 mm handgun.

    There, officers arrested Barton Sloan, 36, on suspicion of drug possession and owning a gun while subject to a restraining order. He remains in jail, according to Sheriff’s Department records.

    In total, probation officers seized more than six pounds of methamphetamine and four pounds of heroin — worth an estimated $250,000 — and seven guns. - November 8, 2019

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    Probation officers went on to search two other residences connected with Hansen. Searching a house in Auburn, officers seized six firearms, thousands of bullets, a bulletproof vest, a stolen trailer, heroin, a pipe bomb and $3,200 in cash.

    Officers also searched a home in the 5300 block of Manzanita Avenue in Carmichael, yielding large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin and a loaded 9 mm handgun.

    There, officers arrested Barton Sloan, 36, on suspicion of drug possession and owning a gun while subject to a restraining order. He remains in jail, according to Sheriff’s Department records.

    In total, probation officers seized more than six pounds of methamphetamine and four pounds of heroin — worth an estimated $250,000 — and seven guns.

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  • 2 Arrested And Over $250K Worth Of Drugs, 7 Guns Found During Sacramento Probation Search

    Two men were arrested after a probation search Thursday led to the discovery of over $250,000 worth of drugs and seven firearms in Sacramento.

    The Sacramento County Probation Department’s Investigation and Supervision Unit issued three search warrants on David Hansen, 48, who is on probation for possessing methamphetamine for sale.

    Hansen was at a residence on Hackberry Lane where a search of his vehicle uncovered over two pounds of methamphetamine, a quarter pound of heroin and over $3,900 in cash.

    Two other residences associated with Hansen were searched as part of the investigation. A house in Auburn had six guns, thousands of bullets, a bulletproof vest, over $3,200 in cash, a stolen trailer, heroin and a pipe bomb.

    The third house on the 5300 block of Manzanita Avenue in Carmichael contained large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, and a loaded gun.

    Barton Sloan. 36, was located and arrested at the Manzanita house.

    Good Day Sacramento - November 8, 2019

  • News Release: Chief Lee Seale Appointed to BSCC

    Governor Newsom Appoints Probation Chief Lee Seale to Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC)

    Today, Governor Gavin Newsom announced his appointment of Sacramento County Chief Probation Officer Lee Seale to the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC).

    “Chief Seale’s experience and expertise will be a great benefit to the BSCC,” said Chief Stephanie James, President of the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC).  “Chief Seale’s unique background and experience makes him a great appointee to be able to listen and understand all sides of an issue and rely on research and evidence to make informed decisions. His appointment will help continue to enhance a better system of community corrections for all Californians.”

    Chief Probation Officers of California, Aug 29, 2019

  • This Duo Aim to Help Teens Make a Turnaround at Sacramento Youth Detention Facility

    ​It looks like a high school. Kids shuffle through the hallways and into classrooms with rows of computers and walls decorated with posters that say “Read Everyday” and “Math of the Aztecs.”

    A man waits in front of a whiteboard — “Mr. Weaver,” it reads — greeting the kids as they settle in. About 15 boys attend. Class is about to start.

    But these students are different. Wearing identical outfits of gray sweat shirts and dark sweat pants, they range in age from 13 to 17. A probation officer stands in the back of the room. - August 19, 2019

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  • Teens at Sacramento Detention Facility Learn to be Top Chefs and Leave Class Job-ready

    Trays full of deviled eggs, caprese sliders and ricotta crostini, all made by students, were served at an event showcasing their culinary abilities Tuesday. For dessert, they brought out homemade cookies and meringues.

    Standing at a podium, chef and teacher Carissa Jones praised her students — emotionally explaining everything they learned over four months leading up to that moment.

    “I work with amazing kids,” she told the room full of public officials and judges. - August 14, 2019

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  • Sacramento Will Release Some Defendants Without Bail in Test of New California System

    ​Sacramento will start releasing some defendants from jail without posting bond as part of a pilot program aimed at helping California courts end reliance on bail for sispects awaiting trial.

    A panel of California judges and court executives officers selected Sacramento as one of 16 counties to launch a 2-year risk-assessment program to evaluate whether suspects should be released from jail before trial. - August 9, 2019 by Sophia Bollag

  • See the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility

    ​Sacramento's Youth Detention Facility has gained fame for its progressive programs and methods. Two of the facility's chief speak about the facility's transformation over the past two decades.

    Sacramento Bee - June 30, 2019

  • Sacramento Search Warrants Lead To Pounds Of Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Cash, And More

    Two men are behind bars in separate drug arrests by the Sacramento County Probation Department.

    Probation officers found seme-automatic hand gun, crystal methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and cash.

    CBS13 - April 11, 2019

  • CSAC Challenge Award: Sacramento County Probation Creates First-of-its-Kind Program for Youth

    ​Sacramento County's multi-sensory de-escalation room is the first of its kind in a juvenile detention facility in the United States. This innovation creates a safe, trauma-informed environment that allows residents to de-escalate without use of force or an isolation room, which helps prevent violence and increases safety. This program is a 2018 Challenge Award-winning program; these awards spotlight the most innovative programs in California Counties.

    CSACCounties February 20, 2019

  • Probation sweep around Sacramento County results in arrest of 14 parolees

    ​Sacramento County Probation Department officers arrested 14 parolees Wednesday after conducing a countywide probation compliance sweep.

    Sacramento Bee (CBS13) - October 19, 2018 

  • There's a Strong Spirit of Innovation in the Sacramento County Probation Department

    When it comes to developing innovative, successful programs, Sacramento County’s Probation Department is on a roll.

    Much like the San Francisco Giants recent run of winning World Series in even-numbered years, the Sacramento County Probation Department is following a similar trend by taking home CSAC Challenge Award honors in 2014, 2016 and now 2018.

    CSAC County Voice - October 17, 2018

  • Man Arrested At Drug Treatment Classes With 500 Rounds Of Ammunition

    A Sacramento man is behind bars after showing up to his first day of court-ordered drug treatment classes and probation officers discovered 500 rounds of live ammunition in his vehicle.

    Sacramento (CBS 13) - September 14, 2018

  • Officers: $500K Worth of Meth Found in Home

    ​Largest seizure of methamphetamine in Sacramento County Probation Department's history.

    KCRA 3 - September 14, 2018

  • Cops Say Sac Man On Probation Stole Social Security Numbers

    ​Sacramento County probation officers say the recovered over 10,000 stolen social security numbers, bank account numbers, and bank routing numbers following the arrest of a Sacramento man who was on probation at the time.

    KFBK News Radio - September 13, 2018

  • Man Found With Binder of 1100 Peoples' Social Security Numbers, Banking Information

    During a routine compliance search last month, probation officers found a key in 36-year-old Jerry Casey Callis' pocket.

    Officers said that key led to a box inside his home which contained binders full of 1100 individuals information including social security numbers and banking numbers.

    Sacramento (CBS13) - August 29,2018

  • Man on Probation Allegedly Had Partially Assembled 3D Printed Gun

    ​It was an alarming discovery for Sacramento County Probation Department officers. A man on probation for illegally possessing weapons, caught with a 3D printed gun inside his home.

    Sacramento (CBS13) - August 2018

  • Sacramento Co. Youth Detention Facility Gets National Recognition

    ​The Sacramento County Probation Department is receiving national recognition for its youth detention facility in Sacramento. The facility was given a national award for best performance-based standards when it comes to innovative programming.

    KCRA 3, August 25 ,2018

  • 32 Bottles Containing Date Rape Drug GHB Found in Rancho Cordova Home

    ​RANCHO CORDOVA -- Two suspects with a history of drug-related crimes were caught with date rape drugs in Rancho Cordova. Investigators located 32 bottles, around 112 ounces in total, containing gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, or GHB, in a suspect's home.

    Fox 40, August 23, 2018

  • Youth Detention Facility Earns Prestigious Award

    ​Sacramento County Probation Department Youth Detention Facility (YDF) received the 2018 Performance-Based Standards Barbara Allen-Hagen Award. The Youth Detention Facility, also known as “Juvenile Hall," has received the award twice in the past (2011 and 2013) and is being recognized this year for innovative programming resulting in most improved culture change, practice, and performances, increased safety, and the ability to sustain those changes. 

    SacCounty News, August 22, 2018

  • CPOC Highlight: Sacramento County Probation Break Away Bike Program

    ​The Sacramento Probation Department knew they needed to address an important issue to help clients succeed in Sacramento’s Adult Drug Court – transportation. They created the Break Away Bike Program.

    Chief Probation Offices of California, July 6, 2018

  • It was supposed to be a routine felon check. Then officers found the sub machine guns.

    ​Probation officers recently seized two fully automatic sub machine guns, drugs and a stack of cash from a north Sacramento home, the Sacramento County Probation Department announced Monday., June 12, 2018

  • Machine guns, meth seized during home compliance check.

    ​Probation officers arrested a 42-year-old Sacramento man after discovering two fully automatic sub machine guns, 55 grams of methamphetamine, and $3,800 in cash during a home compliance sweep., June 12, 2018

  • Juvenile in Custody After Brandishing Gun on Social Media

    ​A juvenile who was on probation is back in custody after Sacramento County probation officers spotted the youth brandishing a gun on social media.

    SacBee, April 24, 2018

  • Sacramento's Quest to End Solitary Confinement for Kids

    ​After settling a lawsuit for conscience-shocking behavior, a youth detention facility in Sacramento is setting the course to end punitive solitary confinement nationwide.

    Pacific Standard, April 5, 2018 

  • Parents of Juvenile Offenders See Their Kids' Art in the Courthouse

    A portrait of martin Luther King Jr. made by kids from the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility hangs in the Sacramento County Juvenile Court as part of a new initiative called Fresh Start Art., March 15, 2018

    ead more here:


  • Chief Deputy Recognized - An Extraordinary Woman of Influence

    ​The Probation Department is proud to publicize Comcast Magazine’s article Wonder Women featuring Chief Deputy Kristina Thompson as an influential female leader blazing trails in our region. Read more about her story, her insights into department-wide changes, and changes working efficiently with probation clients.

  • WMBA Donates More Than 100 Books to Youth Detention Facility Book Drive

    ​The Wiley M. Manual Bar Association (WMBA) added more than 100 books to Sacramento County Juvenile Hall's library shelves. On February 28, 2018, in celebration of Black History Month, WMBA hosted its annual book drive for the benefit of Sacramento's Juvenile Hall Library. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Bunmi Awoniyi spoke at the event which was held at Underground Books in Oak Park.

  • Millennials – They Get in Less Trouble with the Police

    ​Members of the millennial generation live with their parents more, have less sex and start families later than prior generations. Turns out they also got in less trouble with the law as teenagers.

    Read more here:, January 6, 2018

  • Probation Search Turns Up Assault Rifle in Felon's Home

    Walnut Grove man arrested after probation officers find assault rifle in home., October 3, 2017

  • DUI Offenders Targeted in Special Enforcement Operation; 16 Arrested

    Friday the 13th proved unlucky for Sacramento-area DUI offenders who failed to obey their court orders.

    The Sacramento Bee, October 13, 2017

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  • Probation Sweep Results in 17 Arrests in Sacramento County

    Seventeen people were arrested and four children were removed from a home during a countywide probation sweep conducted Wednesday by the Sacramento County Probation Department., October 4, 2017

  • A Class In California Is Connecting Troubled Teens With Abandoned Dogs

    The Sacramento County Probation Department's Youth Detention Facility has teamed up with a local dog shelter to bring in abandoned dogs to be trained by the young people in custody in order to get the dog ready for adoption.

    CBSN, May 17, 2017

  • Board Votes Unanimously to Regulate Butane Sales

    ​Today, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to introduce an ordinance changing the Sacramento County Code related to butane resale and possession.

    SACCOUNTY NEWS, May 9, 2017 

  • Sacramento County Eliminates Detention Fees for Juvenile Offenders

    ​Sacramento County has stopped charging parents whose kids live in juvenile hall, part of a growing movement to end fees that fall disproportionately on low-income and minority families who struggle to pay.

    The Sacramento Bee, April 26, 2017

  • Basketball court in juvenile hall gets new Kings mural

    ​More than 200 people spent last Friday volunteering and beautifying the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility for Cesar Chavez National Day of Service, including muralist Anthony Padilla. The facility got a new Sacramento Proud mural and a garden, where the kids learn agricultural and construction skills in preparation for transition to the society upon release.

    The Sacramento Bee, April 5, 2017

  • Sacramento Kings, Volunteers Spend Day of Service at Youth Detention Facility

    ​More than 200 people spent their Friday volunteering at the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility.

    Fox 40 News Sacramento, March 31, 2017

  • In Sacramento County, Collaborative Program is Creating Hope

    ​Posted by : California State Association of Counties January 30, 2017

    Sacramento County's collaborative Career Training Partnership Program provides vocational and educational services for clients on probation. And perhaps more importantly, it provides these clients with hope.

    PublicCEO, January 30, 2017

  • Case Study: Reducing Recidivism by Training Probationers in Construction

    ​The Sacramento County Probation Department forged a training center partnership to teach probationers 24 construction trades from the ground up to the roof.

    Route Fifty, February 1, 2017

  • Hammer and jail: Sacramento County program offers construction training to the formerly incarcerated

    ​From the jailhouse to building a house—that’s the goal of a partnership now entering its fourth year between the Sacramento County Probation Department and Northern California Construction Training Inc.

    Sacramento News & Review, January 26, 2017

  • In Sacramento County, Collaborative Program is Creating Hope

    ​At the Northern California Construction Training Center in Sacramento County, you can find a number of probationers hard at work learning new crafts.

    CSAC The County Voice, January 25, 2017 

  • Sacramento County Juvenile Detention Facility Capacity At Lowest In Years

    ​Sacramento County’s Youth Detention Facility is at one of its lowest capacities in years.

    CBS 13, December 1, 2016

  • Sacramento Probation's Youth Detention Facility Has Gone to the Dogs… Facility Assistance Dog Program Starts Today

    ​The Sacramento County Probation Department's Youth Detention Facility (YDF) begins its Facility Assistance Dog Program today, Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Captain, the YDF Facility Assistance Dog, reports for duty at YDF today to create positive and useful interactions between the dog, residents and staff.

  • Request for Proposal - Sacramento Probation Adult Day Reporting Center Program Service Provider (RFP# 8418)

    The Sacramento County Probation Department is currently accepting proposals for services provided to the Adult Day Reporting Center Program (RFP# 8418).  Interested bidders should access the link below to view/download the Request for Proposal materials.

  • Probation Leads Domestic Violence Offender Operation

    The Sacramento County Probation Department, with assistance from the Citrus Heights Police Department, Elk Grove Police Department, Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, and welfare fraud investigators from the Department of Human Assistance, conducted a joint, one-day operation in Sacramento County on October 26, 2016.  This operation, carried out in recognition and support of Domestic Violence Awareness month, focused on compliance checks of domestic violence offenders on probation.
  • Sacramento Youth Detention Center Program Tries To Stem Racial Swimming Gap

    Swimming for survival: That’s what Sacramento County’s Youth Detention Facility is hoping to teach young boys and girls of color. The swimming program first launched in 2015 to help reduce the number of African-American children who drown each year. The detention facility is one of the only in the state with a swimming pool – and since the program launched, many young boys and girls say the program has changed their perspective on life.

    CBS 13, September 28, 2016

  • Group founded by ‘Hangover’ producer aims to reform Sacramento’s juvenile offenders

    Scott Budnick, Executive Producer of "The Hangover" comedy movies, has gained national attention for mentoring juvenile offenders through his nonprofit Anti-Recidivism Coalition.
    The Sacramento Bee, September 19, 2016

    Read more here:
  • Saving Lives — In and Out of the Pool

    ​On a recent Thursday afternoon, the sun blazed down on a small group of teens as they laughed and swam. But this was no typical summer day at the pool. These teens are the first to receive lifeguard certification training through the new Youth Detention Facility Lifeguard Program — a partnership between the YMCA of Superior California (the Y) and the Sacramento County Probation Department.

    Sacramento News & Review, September 8, 2016

  • Sacramento County Probation Department Project Brings New Life to Little League Fields

    ​Last December, the College Glen Little League reached out for help with construction on new player dugouts and scorer’s booths at their fields from an unlikely source: the Sacramento County Probation Department.

    PublicCEO, March 30, 2016

  • Erika D. Smith: Freeing prisoners is only half the battle

    Real work of keeping people out of jail often falls to probation officers. Willpower, friends and relatives can help offenders and addicts stay clean, but those who’ve changed their lives say they needed a reason.

    The Sacramento Bee, January 31, 2016

  • Reception Honors Sacramento Women Dedicated to Ending Child Sex Trafficking

    ​Nearly 100 people gathered Monday night to celebrate the work of two leaders in Sacramento who have demonstrated significant leadership and focus to putting an end to child sex trafficking.

    The California Endowment, January 26, 2016 

  • Sacramento Program Helps Women Find Way Out Of Jail And Into A Job

    ​Some women considered career criminals are being given a chance to turn their lives around with a new twist on an old program.

    CBS Sacramento October 20, 2015

  • Training For Life After Crime

    ​A partnership between Sacramento County Probation and Northern California Construction Training provides opportunities for criminal offenders to make positive changes in their lives.

    The Sacramento Bee October 9, 2015

  • Gang Awareness & Prevention Nonprofit Aims to Mentor At-Risk Youth

    ​The Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility program utilizes volunteers to work with probation youth in outreach efforts.

    Fox 40 September 3, 2015

  • Teens in Youth Facility Get Lessons in Swimming, Water Safety

    ​The Probation Youth Detention Facility, funded by a grant from The California Endowment, partnered with the YMCA this summer to give swimming lessons to teen residents.

    The Sacramento Bee August 17, 2015

  • Police gather at park to bridge gaps

    ​Sacramento County probation officers and sheriff’s deputies greeted the public at Jack Davis Park during Tuesday's National Night Out, off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

    The Sacramento Bee August 7, 2015

  • As California Becomes More Diverse, Youth Arrests Continue to Plummet

    ​"In Sacramento County, probation officials have made it a point in recent years to partner with school districts, social workers and community-based providers to steer children out of juvenile hall and prevent their removal from their homes. That has accompanied a 41 percent slide in juvenile felony arrests between 2004 and 2014—from nearly 1,500 to about 600—state data shows."

    Sacramento News and Review August 6, 2015

  • America Observes Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week

    ​Every July, communities across the United States join together to celebrate national Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week to commemorate community corrections professionals and system partners, highlighting the crucial role they play in keeping communities safe and providing resources to those most in need.

    Sacramento County News July 13, 2015

  • Sacramento County Probation, Office of Education, and NCCT to Celebrate Graduation

    ​On June 6, 2015, Northern California Construction & Training (NCCT) will host a graduation ceremony highlighting the outstanding accomplishments of 31 formerly-incarcerated individuals who have successfully completed intensive vocational and educational training in their efforts to gain employment and reintegrate into the community.

    Sacramento County News June 5, 2015 

  • Six Make it to First Sacramento ‘Re-entry’ Court Graduation

    The first-ever graduation ceremony for Sacramento County’s experimental “re-entry” court; the savings resulted from the 38-plus years of jail time a judge wiped off the books for six longtime, low-level offenders who made up the Class of 2015.
    The Sacramento Bee February 13, 2015

  • Drug Court Grads Hear Business Owner’s Success Story

    18 years ago, Dennis Morgan lived on the streets and frequently slept next to the dumpster on the side of the building he now owns. He credits his successful completion of Drug Court with helping him get off methamphetamine and get his life together.
    The Sacramento Bee November 30, 2014

  • Keeping Kids Out of Court, In School

    Sacramento County Probation Department has rolled out a new education-based supervision model that better supports youth in the community by partnering with school districts.
    Daily Journal November 7, 2014

  • Juvenile Reform Plan Earns Prestigious Fellowship

    McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University named as "fellows," Chris Eldridge from the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services, and Brad Marietti and Patti McGowan from the County's Department of Probation for their plan to benefit special needs incarcerated youth.
    Sacramento County News October 31, 2014

  • Michael Lyon Arrested on Drug, Violating Probation Charges

    Michael Lyon, the former head of Lyon Real Estate, was arrested on felony drug possession and eavesdropping charges.
    The Sacramento Bee October 1, 2014

  • Sacramento County Probation Department wins 2014 CSAC Challenge Award

    The Sacramento Probation Department's Break Away Bike Program was selected as one of the only 12 county programs throughout California for the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Challenge Award. 

    Sacramento County News September 11, 2014

  • Boys & Girls Club Serves Area's Incarcerated Youth

    Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility Houses Program for At-Risk Youth.
    The Sacramento Observer September 4 - 10, 2014

  • Sacramento County Program Gives Ex-Convicts Chance to Build Future

    A partnership between Sacramento County Probation and Northern California Construction Training provides opportunities for criminal offenders to make positive changes in their lives.

    CBS Sacramento July 1, 2014

  • Sacramento County's Adult Day Reporting Center Offers Hope for Change

    An overview of Sacramento County's three Adult Day Reporting Centers, with client perspectives on their participation in the program.
    Board of State and Community Corrections News June 9, 2014

  • Sacramento County Adult Day Reporting Center Graduation Ceremony

    A thank you letter to the Probation Department regarding the recent Adult Day Reporting Center graduation.
    The Sacramento Bee Letter to the Editor May 27, 2014

  • Wind Youth Services, Sacramento County Probation Department Eye Partnership

    Under a still-evolving partnership, the Sacramento County Probation Department is in the process of applying grant funds to Wind Youth Services to use as an alternative to detention for low-level offenders.
    Sacramento News and Review May 22, 2014

  • Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility: Innovation, One Program at a Time

    In the last five years, Sacramento County's juvenile hall in California has undergone a significant culture change, overcoming claims of excessive force and over-reliance on room confinement.  With an emphasis on rehabilitation and positive interventions it has become a national model of innovative practices.
    National Council on Crime & Delinquency (NCCD) Blog May 22, 2014

  • Reflections of a BAH Winner: Sacramento

    The Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility (SCYDF) won the 2013 Barbara Allen-Hagen Award for significantly reducing both the use and duration of isolation/room confinement. Performance-based Standards (PbS) recently caught up with the award winning facility.
    Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA) Blog May 12, 2014 

  • Largest Marijuana Bust in Citrus Heights Police and the Sacramento County Probation Department's History

    ​A local task force comprised of Citrus Heights Police, Sacramento County Probation, and Folsom Police make a drug bust leading to the confiscation of over 800 pounds of marijuana, several weapons, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. 
    Sacramento Bee April 23, 2014
    Citrus Heights Messenger April 23, 2014

  • Sacramento County Supervisors to Spend Extra Revenue

    ​Sacramento County Supervisors to use an unexpected revenue increase to help pay for unanticipated costs, including higher bills for inmate health care, child protection and juvenile justice.
    The Sacramento Bee March 26, 2014 

  • Sac State to Finally Study Local Realignment Efforts

    Sacramento State University will spend the next year evaluating a criminal rehabilitation program, Ascend, following offenders engaged in the community based program.

    Sacramento News and Review March 25, 2014

  • Cleaning Up and Restoring Historic Cemetery

    For five consecutive weekends in December and part of January, participants in the Probation Department’s Juvenile Work Project spent their weekends cleaning, planting and refurbishing the Bellview Cemetery.

    As featured on SacCounty News and 1530AM KFBK March 14, 2014
    Sacramento News and Review March 25, 2014 

  • Two Suspects Arrested After Sacramento County Probation Officers Find Drugs, Gun and Children In Home

    ​Four children were taken into protective custody after officers found more than two pounds of methamphetamine (with an estimated street value of $19,000), seven grams of heroin (with an estimated street value of $700), a loaded handgun and more than $28,000. 
    The Sacramento Bee February 21, 2014

  • Sacramento County Probation's Redemption

    ​New philosophy drives embattled agency's image makeover
    Sacramento News & Review February 13, 2014

  • Re-entry Court: Sacramento's Spin on Realignment

    ​Lower-level offenders are part of a new sentencing frontier, the focus on helping them change has never been more intense.
    The Sacramento Bee February 9, 2014

  • Rancho Cordova Community Alliance National Award

    On October 24th, the City of Rancho Cordova was honored by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers for the "Most Innovative Program in 2013". Rancho Cordova was selected for their unique collaboration with the Sacramento County probation Department called the rancho Cordova Community Alliance.

    Rosemont Patch November 07, 2013 

  • Sacramento Probation Receives National Award for Innovative Practices in Juvenile Hall

    ​Sacramento Probation Department awarded the 2013 Barbara Allen-Hagen Award for improving the experience and treatment of youth offenders.
    The Sacramento Bee October 20, 2013

  • Probation Sweep Heralds Return of Supervision for Some Offenders

    ​Funding for a new unit brings treatment and intensive supervision to high risk drug offenders. “We’re back in the probation business”.
    The Sacramento Bee September 27, 2013

  • Juvenile Hall Cuts Use of Force Incidents & Beefs Up Education

    ​Critics praise culture change and program enhancements.
    The Sacramento Bee July 27, 2013

  • Editorial: Supervisors Must Drill Down on Realignment

    ​Twenty Months into the public safety realignment and changes still need to be made within Sacramento County.
    The Sacramento Bee June 14, 2013

  • Sacramento County's New Probation Chief Faces Big Challenge

    Lee Seale appointed Chief Probation Officer. 
    The Sacramento Bee June 3, 2013

  • ​Former state corrections official to run Sacramento County Probation Department

    Lee Seale comes at a critical time for the Probation Department.

    The Sacramento Bee April 26, 2013